Safari Zone WIP

2013-12-05 11:56:41 by custurdh


So I've been working on this pokemon parody for a around a month now, I'm sure it shouldn't be taking me this long but it's looking decent compared to my previous work

Here's some screens... :)




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I plan to finish this within the next two weeks! :D

Finding the right VAs is hard

2013-10-30 11:52:25 by custurdh

So I've decided I have around about 3 animations I'm gonna work on in my spare time.
- Pokemon
- Minecraft
- Game of Thrones
- Original Animation
- Another Original
But I gots no VAs! And my last animation definitely should have had VAs but I was to lazy to find one.

Anyways if your interested give me a bell


New Account! (:

2013-10-29 20:51:49 by custurdh

Sup guys, so I created a new account as I feel I can now submit work that I would want to watch myself, AKA not horribly terrible. If your interested in some horribly terrible stuff check out my old channel .. Fearlessfullness

Dunno how many animations I'm gonna make but have a few ideas, fan meh to keep up to date :3